Our Solution. Your Community.

Innovation and engagement doesn’t just happen on its own. We have the solution.

Chaordix has been pioneering the right technology for years. Over that time, the innovative functionality of The Chaordix Solution has been proven in demanding applications by some of the biggest companies in the world.

Today, the platform enables you to understand, engage, and co-create with customers, employees and other stakeholders with a broad, deep suite of capabilities including:

  • Enterprise-readiness
  • Intuitive design
  • Data & analytics
  • Communication
  • Innovation methodology for businesses needing even more

Innovation methodology for businesses needing more

At Chaordix, we are dedicated to helping you extract more value from your community initiatives. 

Our proven methodology is inspired by the world's leading innovation and creativity workflows including Creative Problem Solving, Design Thinking, and Systematic Creativity — combined with proprietary Chaordix crowdsourcing methods.

The process is a major collaborative effort with your organization. We follow a series of proven steps to help you achieve your objectives and vision for success. 

1)     We clarify: We work with you to better understand the situation or problem you’re trying to address.
2)    We create: Our collaboration with your teams helps build an online community that inspires new products, services and impactful marketing content.
3)    Optimize: A good idea doesn’t become great until the concepts and prototypes have been market-tested. We make sure this happens.
4)    Implement: We help you design promotional strategies to bring the best ideas into the world.
5)    Reflect: As a final step, we take the time to think about your community’s participation levels and inspiration. Our work isn’t done until we help you raise the bar some more.

Some of the world’s biggest brands have used the Chaordix innovation methodology to realize:

  • Unexpected brand ideas
  • Product innovation
  • Organizational insights
  • Process improvements
  • Authentic marketing content from the participants of their community

Visit Our Work to see examples of success from leading organizations across the world that use the Chaordix platform and our expertise to power their online communities. 


Our technology is used by some of the largest companies in the world with demanding, enterprise-level requirement


Capable of exceeding the security requirements of the largest global enterprises. Single sign-on through Microsoft Active Directory is available.


Proven across multiple industries from consumer product manufacturing to financial services, government, and more.


Powered by advanced architecture that’s capable of supporting communities of a million participants or more.


Virtual private cloud storage is available for enterprises with more demanding requirements. 

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Intuitive Design

Chaordix-powered communities are designed with the end-user in mind. We apply your brand colors and logo appropriately on a mobile-optimized, intuitively designed interface. Your participants get a rich experience. And you get valuable insight. 

Here's how the magic happens: 




Our design includes a visually arresting primary focus area that enables clients to prioritize the content served to community participants. It’s here where we showcase the power of our proprietary Innovation Challenge Engine.


Wildly popular amongst participants, this channel not only drives community engagement, but is a quick route to valuable quantitative data on the most relevant topics.


A priority double-width tile flags and prioritizes a key submission crafted directly by a community member.


Each additional tile offers new activities to draw participants deeper into the community experience. These range from a featured client-programmed activity, to a branded newsfeed, to open discussions and research, as well as an array of user-generated multi-media content.

Activity Toolkit

Our proprietary toolkit enables us to craft compelling multi-media programming to drive strategic analytical outputs.

Participant Dashboard

Where community participants track their contribution levels and personal connections.



Participants can build their personal brand within the community and find others like them. It also enables detailed demographic breakdowns of community members and segmenting of activities by group. Profiles are key drivers of community engagement.

A gamified environment incentivizes community participation. Participants win badges for completion of community activities and achievements and have an at-a-glance view of their community standing.

On a series of tabs, participants can view their personal community contributions, see the list of community participants they are following, as well as who’s following them.

Data & Reporting

The most effective communities come with data and analytic tools that make sense of what’s happening, identify trends and flag opportunities for improvement.   

We provide on-demand access to metrics tracking community health and contribution on a private, customizable dashboard that synthesizes multiple data sources and offers a myriad of options to visualize data.

  • Participant and activity stats
  • Point-in-time community data observations
  • Community Administration Dashboard

Our suite of standard reports will inform innovation in your organization. You may engage us for our analytical reports:

  • Snapshot Report: Chaordix community moderators deliver an exclusive pulse-of-the-community Snapshot Report. The report highlights key insights and comments at the midway point of your program.
  •  Vantage Point: The Vantage Point report is a premier post-program summary. You’ll get boardroom-ready production values and a comprehensive analysis of all community activity. Plus, we provide predictive, actionable recommendations.


Communities thrive when communication is easy. The Chaordix Solution comes with a full suite of communication options so stakeholders can engage in meaningful dialogue about your brand – both inside your community and beyond. 

We often hear from our clients that their communities become an extended family of sorts. Members develop personal, authentic connections through their shared passion for a brand. And our communication channels help to make this happen:

  • Community Café
  •  Activity Comments
  • Direct Messaging

Your community can take advantage of a number of outward-facing communication options including:

  • Blogs
  • News
  • Branded customizable emails
  • Social sharing