Developing new products and services, the ones customers really want, is tough work

You need to connect with customers and lead users, leverage their insights and make them part of the innovation process.

Developing a pipeline of novel ideas is challenging
Collecting behavioral and data-backed insights from customers is expensive
Launching new products is time-consuming and risky

Across industries, the majority of new products never make it to the market. Those that do face a failure rate of 25-45%

McKinsey Global Institute

Perfect your products with meaningful insights and creative ideas from passionate customers

Through our Creative Challenges and collaborative innovation communities, we’re disrupting traditional methods and helping you put the right technology and methodology in place to develop better products – ones your customers really want.

Product innovators and research professionals use Chaordix as an always-on source for customer insights and ideas. Our platform leverages modern creativity workflows and community engagement tools to ensure the best crowdsourced ideas are turned into successful product launches.

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Four new products come out of this program every year, pretty much with no marketing budget because the excitement and engagement have already been built up throughout the crowdsourcing phase.

Lars Silberbaue

Sr. Global Director of Social Media,

The LEGO Group

What Product Innovators love about Chaordix:

Actionable customer insights from feedback to testing
Co-created product ideas and improvements
Product differentiation from development to launch strategy
Reduced risk and improved time to market
People around table collaborating on a design project

You can’t bring people together and expect them to start innovating and working for your brand. Building an engaged community is the first step.

Sharon McIntyre

Chief Social Scientist,



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