Our enterprise customers leverage our technology to achieve and improve the following

Product innovation

Product improvement

Launch strategy

Customer experience

Content marketing

Brand engagement

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Connectivity drives Creativity

With a deep suite of capabilities, our software enables you to collaborate, co-create and solve unique business challenges with your customers and employees.


Your loyal community, locally or globally.

Designed with your most passionate customers in mind, we apply your brand to a beautiful community experience with a simple, intuitive user interface.

Our toolkit includes a variety of interactive activities, including:

  • Quizzes, polls and quick questions
  • Surveys, photo pickers, choose and rank
  • Storytelling, discussions and open workspaces

The platform includes multi-channel communications options:

  • Email and newsletters
  • Social media integration
  • Direct messaging and personalized alerts


Your brand and products.

Launch one or more innovation challenges simultaneously, and target specific audiences.

Challenge phases include:

  • Idea submission and iteration
  • Community support and voting
  • Expert review panel and scoring
  • Winners announcement and rewards


Through a robust gamification model.

Our platform leverages modern incentive design to keep members motivated, and creates a fun, rewarding experience.

Rewards include:

  • Virtual currency used to increase support power
  • Badges and levels to gain community influence
  • Additional brand prizes to be redeemed
Screenshot of Achievement Framework


Through automated research and real-time customer insights.

Our reporting tools sync and share the data and actionable insights you need to spot market trends and understand important customer sentiments.

Tools include:

  • Community health and engagement dashboard
  • On-demand activity results
  • Customized program reporting available
Screenshot of a Chaordix Report
Circle of hands joined together

Ideas are only one part of a successful co-creativity & open innovation program. You need to design and sustain a great participant experience too.

Sharon McIntyre

Chief Social Scientist,


Build connections and grow

Connecting people means connecting insights and knowledge. Insights and knowledge lead to innovation.

Brand connections

Our solution comes with a full suite of communication options so that loyal customers can become brand ambassadors – both inside your community and beyond.

Community connections

Chaordix helps community members develop authentic connections with each other through their shared passion for your brand.

Social connections

The platform is just the beginning. Your community can participate in a number of other ways, including social media and refer a friend programs.

Solutions built around your brands future

Used by some of the largest global brands, our software is ready for any enterprise.


Our software exceeds the security requirements of the largest global enterprises.


Applied across multiple industries from customer goods to retail and fashion.


Virtual private cloud storage is available for organizations with demanding requirements.


With responsive technology, you can engage members wherever they are.


Capable of supporting communities with a million participants or more.


From full-branded community design to switching content and programming to meet new business objectives.

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