As a marketer, it can be tough to engage with, understand and make emotional connections with customers

Their expectations have changed, and they’re looking for more meaningful ways to participate.

Relying on traditional market research is often biased and ineffective
Developing effective marketing content is costly and time consuming
Testing and validating marketing messaging is difficult and inefficient

75% of brands are failing to make emotional connections with customers

Harvard Business Review

Up your marketing and customer engagement game

Chaordix gives you a two-way communication and creativity platform with your biggest fans. You can finally develop more meaningful engagement, share in memorable brand experiences and let your customers help craft better marketing decisions and campaigns.

Marketing professionals use Chaordix as an always-on source for customer insights and participation. Our platform leverages engaging activities and workflows to ensure marketing content and customer experience improvements are vetted by and co-created with passionate customers.

Screenshot of HTC Community
HTC phone

The communities have been exceptional drivers for marketing at HTC, both regionally in North America and globally. While each of HTC’s three communities cater to different audiences, they’ve helped with feedback and promotion of the HTC brand.

Aaron Baker

Sr. Manager,

Global Communities HTC

What Marketers love about Chaordix:

Deeper customer research and insights
Co-created marketing content and campaigns
Improved customer experience and loyalty
 Reduced time and cost to market
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Marketing is a world populated by major blank spaces. The willingness and skill to imagine what is missing is what generates big insights. This is how visionaries lead.

Gerald Zaltman

Harvard Business School

Customer Success Story

American Airlines’ high value customers create a high value customer experience

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Enhance marketing with a little help from your friends (customers)