Crowdsource solutions with your fans through a structured program to solve any innovation or marketing challenge

Easily set up & manage a multi-phase innovation challenge

Crowdsource ideas quickly and gain rich insights

Engage the public or your employees in a fun, interactive way

Launch in Days. Co-Create for Weeks. Innovate for Years.

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Winning Ideas are Waiting for a Good Challenge

Enable marketing and innovation teams to set up an engaging ideation program and crowdsource solutions for any pressing business challenge.

A Creative Challenge is a one-time crowdsourcing campaign using our Participation Platform. Challenges are used to achieve different objectives by crowdsourcing ideas and insights through a variety of activities leveraging Chaordix’s proven workflows for innovation and creativity. It takes basic idea contests to the next level and supercharges collaborative innovation.

Fully managed crowd innovation program

From ideation to insights

Our experienced program designers and insights professionals work with you to establish the goal of the challenge, strategy for recruitment, and design an engaging program for collective creativity.

Experts in Innovation + Creativity

  • Harness 10 years of crowdsourcing experience
  • Invent a new product, or improve an existing one
  • Source great marketing content

Custom workflows for creativity

With a proven methodology for innovation

Our workflows make an engaging program of contests, activities, and discussions.

Intentionally designed for innovation

  • Workflows inspired by Design Thinking, Creative Problem Solving, LEGO Serious Play and more
  • Flexible to accommodate diverse goals, timelines, and team engagement
  • Build and sustain interest with a variety of fun, complementary activities and functionality.

Powerful idea management

Streamline ideation and never miss a winning idea

Source, iterate, rank and select the best ideas yourself, with the help of an expert panel, or through the support of the crowd.

Built around ideas

  • Choose between simple crowd vote, or gamified crowd support
  • Optional expert reviews can be assigned manually or automated
  • Idea Update allows users to adjust submission based on feedback

Robust communications tools

Including emails, alerts and direct messaging

Bringing someone into a challenge is one thing. Keeping them coming back to engage with others, refine ideas and support the best submissions is another.

Stay top of mind

  • Configurable communications based on your preferences
  • In-platform notifications and email alerts

Quantify the impact of your challenge

With a variety of in-platform insights and custom reporting

A live dashboard allows for on-demand stats, and post-challenge insights from our team help you maximize learning and implementation.

Numbers for the number people

  • Report on number of submissions, support for ideas, comments, activity completions, and more
  • Demographic breakdown of ideas contributors and supporters
  • Review survey, polls and quick questions inputs
  • Easily export data for your needs
New Quote Image Creative Challenge

You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.

Maya Angelou

Poet, author, civil rights activist

Ready for Any Challenge – Pricing & Details

A fully managed Creative Challenge starts at $25,000 and includes strategy, setup, management, moderation, and reporting. Typical challenges run 60 to 90 days.


Our software exceeds the security requirements of the largest global enterprises.


Applied across multiple industries from customer goods to retail and fashion.


Virtual private cloud storage is available for organizations with demanding requirements.


With responsive technology, you can engage participants wherever they are.


Capable of supporting challenges with a million participants or more.


From full-branded challenge design to switching content and programming to meet new business objectives.

Let’s make managing a great innovation Challenge less of a challenge.