When it comes to leveraging crowd intelligence, Rust-Oleum has it covered. This world leader in protective paints and coatings finds great value in Creator's Studio — a crowdsourcing website designed exclusively for the do-it-yourself (DIY) community. With people passionate about paint and stain projects visiting its Chaordix-powered site every day, Rust-Oleum soaks up the community’s colourful commentary, rich dialogue, thoughtful input and creative ideas. Creator’s Studio helps Rust-Oleum build brand advocates while taking new and better products to market, even faster. Now that’s an innovative, crowd-pleasing solution!


Since 1921 when Rust-Oleum developed its first rust-prevention paint, the company has been looking for creative solutions to customer problems. It’s that drive for innovation that led Rust-Oleum to explore a technology platform that could help it tap into the collective wisdom of a growing customer base. Enter Chaordix’s Crowd Intelligence Platform.


Rust-Oleum partnered with Chaordix to develop Creator’s Studio, an innovation platform that engages the DIY community with gamification, discussions and content to get their creative juices flowing. The site features everything from “Ask the Expert” sessions where Rust-Oleum associates answer questions about specific topics, to general chats where advice and tips can be shared among the community. Every few months, Rust-Oleum poses an innovation challenge where community members can post their submissions, vote and comment on each other’s ideas. The winner of the challenge receives a prize as well as earns a special VIP status within the community.


The Chaordix-powered Creator’s Studio site is creating several benefits for Rust-Oleum. The voice of the customer is now showing up more effectively in the company’s product development and product marketing processes. Market research costs are expected to decline. And with the site attracting more members every day, the number of people who are better informed and advocating on behalf of the Rust-Oleum brand has become a real asset to the business. That’s the power of crowd intelligence.


Listening to our customers’ wants and needs has always been an essential part of our business and so has innovation.
— Jim Stinner, vice president of marketing at Rust-Oleum