With hundreds of customer and employee engagements at the world’s biggest brands, we’ve learned a lot about online communities and how they thrive. Here are the biggest insights we know for sure:

1.    People are your greatest asset.
Your customers and employees want to participate. In fact, 90.8% of consumers report they regularly engage with brands online. And we’ve seen amazing things happen when people get the opportunity to contribute. They bring ingenuity, knowledge and imagination to the table. And many times, they become the brand’s best advocates.




2.    Flexible yet methodical solutions are key.
You can systematically and cost-effectively access the knowledge and imagination of your crowds. You’ll need programming to link your business goals to the deliberate engagement of your community. You’ll need a platform to process the collection, curation and distillation of the data and to support a activity-based community to reap your Crowd Intelligence rewards.


3.    Communities provide insight for your whole organization.
The information and inventiveness created within your community can be leveraged across your business. That means marketers can convert customer participation into collateral or equip their brand’s most passionate advocates with messages to share with their networks. It means product development leaders can use the insight to inform strategy and innovation. And it means C-level executives and HR leaders can leverage Crowd Intelligence to engage their employees and build culture. The opportunities are vast. 

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