Orange UK launched an innovative project using the power of mobile technology to help transform volunteering in the UK. Orange aimed to “make minutes matter” by introducing convenient, snack-size volunteering, so consumers could volunteer anywhere, anytime. Using mobile technology, Orange wants to generate hundreds of thousands of extra hours of volunteering in the UK each year. Working with Chaordix, this project resulted in the pioneering use of a mobile platform to innovate and radically change how people give back to their community in their spare time.


Orange, a leading European mobile company, chose Chaordix to enable a crowdsourced mobile micro-charity volunteering initiative. This public innovation project tapped into the Orange community to elicit ideas about how mobile devices can help people volunteer just a few minutes of their time for social and community good.


Chaordix partnered up with Orange and 100% Open on the “Mobile Volunteering” project. The Chaordix platform hosted a community of Orange network users. This crowd was asked to brainstorm ways that mobile devices could help people volunteer their time in five minutes or less, when they are on the go. Thousands of participants submitted hundreds of ideas, voted and commented on the suggestions.


Mass collaboration between social entrepreneurs, charities and developers to explore this potential. Orange launched the results of this crowd engagement in a free iPhone app called Do Some Good which has 12 of the top ideas that came from the Chaordix platform’s Mobile Volunteering program.


In trying to crowdsource these ideas, we’ll develop this concept in collaboration with top industry experts to ensure that the end product has a very real impact on UK society.
— Stuart Jackson, Brand Communications Director for Orange at Everything Everywhere