The Chaordix® Product Suite provides clients with a choice of 3 enterprise-ready solutions to inspire your community

Open Ideas Network

The powerful Open Ideas Network™ is the open innovation software solution Chaordix® has built and refined since 2013. The global fan and employee communities of one of the world's most recognized toy brands relies on this solution.

The Open Ideas Network™ can bring crowdsourced products and services to market with much greater speed and success than traditional new product development funnels.

This open innovation solution — that enables an international fan base to submit complete product concepts — is now available to other leading brand communities.

Is your global brand ready for true open innovation? 

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Co-Creativity Studio™

The Co-Creativity Studio™ brings the engaging activities and ideation of co-creativity workshops into the digital era. Participants have 24/7 access to themed creativity and innovation challenges. Our industry-leading Challenge Engine™ and rich gamification encourage return visits and a healthy sense of competition. A robust community management and reporting toolkit is included in this powerful solution. 

Our unique 6-Step Chaordix Crowd Intelligence™ Methodology provides a framework for standardized, yet creative, workflows that can unlock unexpected brand ideas, organizational insights, process improvements, and authentic marketing content from community participants.

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Napkin Labs®

Our "back of the napkin" solution has been chosen by a range of consumer brands (including Nike®, Dominos®, & Pepsi®) and leading marketing agencies to engage and activate social network fans.

Chaordix's Napkin Labs® is ideal for quickly crowdsourcing new marketing content, receiving rapid concept feedback, collecting brief ideas and/or engaging participants in social sharing. Gamification features include badge & reward systems as well as intuitive and mobile-friendly feedback methods.

Assisted and self-managed licensing options are available. 

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The Chaordix development team understands enterprise needs for security, integration, scalability and accessibility.


Our enterprise-ready technology platform consistently exceeds security requirements and tests across industries: from global enterprises to consumer products & services, financial institutions, governments, and beyond.


Our advanced open innovation and co-creativity platform architecture scales to support communities of a million participants or more.

Accessible & Responsive

Clients, community participants and stakeholders can access Chaordix's fully-responsive, cloud-based software
on desktops, tablets and mobile devices
around in the world.