Chaordix® answered the call for one of the world’s most innovative smart phone manufacturers. HTC leverages the Chaordix Crowd Intelligence™ platform to connect with thousands of passionate users. It’s done through an exclusive online community called HTC Elevate where participants are invited to provide early, honest input to HTC decision-makers before products are developed. For HTC, the benefits include marketing intelligence, better innovation and, a contact list full of influential brand advocates who spread the word about their products.


People love their smart phones. And for some, the passion runs deep. HTC saw opportunity in connecting with their most avid users to better understand what’s working, what’s not, and how best to evolve its innovative products. Tapping into this intelligence required a crowdsourcing solution.


HTC partnered with Chaordix to optimize HTC Elevate, an invite-only online community that has proven popular beyond even the company’s high expectations. Today, the community includes more than 6,000 highly engaged members from over 100 countries. HTC Elevate allows participants to alpha test specific products and features. It also provides a vehicle to express how they use and draw value from phones in their day-to-day lives. This often takes the form of direct conversations between Elevate community members and HTC employees. The potent mix of passion and relevant content on the platform has led to staggering numbers: There has been more than a million contributions by community members, including in-depth discussions, ideas and insights, as well as user-generated image and video content. For many members, HTC Elevate is a social gathering spot. Some describe the community as an extended family, and members from across the world often translate their online connections into offline friendships. HTC describes the passion they see as “super magical.” It’s these personal, authentic connections to other HTC users and the HTC brand that keeps members devoted to the exclusive community.


HTC Elevate has mobilized an “always on” group of brand advocates who are willing to provide product feedback and contextual information about how they use HTC phones. This intelligence is frequently leveraged by HTC in their product development and product marketing processes. The marketing value of the community is also a significant benefit for HTC. Community members evangelize for the brand in direct conversations with their personal networks and on social media. In addition, members increasingly generate multimedia content, offering HTC the opportunity to crowdsource materials for marketing campaign content. 


The HTC Elevate community
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Chaordix specializes in crowdsourcing. They help us to get insight, manage moderation as well as provide analytics and output so HTC can take action on the things we ask of our community.
— Laura Kimball, Senior Manager Global Communities, HTC