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The powerful Open Ideas Network™ is the open innovation software solution Chaordix® has built and refined since 2013. The global fan and employee communities of one of the world's most recognized toy brands relies on this solution.

The Open Ideas Network™ can bring crowdsourced products and services to market with much greater speed and success than traditional new product development funnels. 

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"Rather than relying on only obvious and famous sources of IP, the question,"Will anyone want this?" is answered before any  costly investment in the development of a new product."  − Roland Harwood, Co-Founder & Managing Partner at 100%Open

Co-Creativity Studio

The Co-Creativity Studio™ solution brings the engaging activities and ideation of co-creativity workshops into the 24/7 digital era for brands including HTCRust-Oleum and KPMG communities.

Our unique 6-Step Chaordix Crowd Intelligence™ Methodology is inspired by the world's leading innovation and creativity workflows including Creative Problem Solving, Design Thinking, and Systematic Creativity — combined with proprietary Chaordix crowdsourcing methods.

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“The incredible Chaordix team brought the sophisticated crowdsourcing methodology and technology platform we were looking for in a partner." — Flemming Binderup Gammelgaard, Chief Consultant for VIA Connect and Co-Founder & Chairman of the Danish Crowdsourcing Association

Our "back of the napkin" solution has been chosen by a range of consumer brands (including Nike®, Dominos®, & Pepsi®) and leading marketing agencies to engage and activate social network fans. Chaordix's Napkin Labs® is ideal for quickly crowdsourcing fan ideas, input and content.

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"Brands can create campaigns to capture user or fan-generated content to get a sense of who their most influential and loyal fans are, what they’re saying and how they think the product or company can improve."  Techcrunch