Businesses that leverage the knowledge and ingenuity of online crowds see opportunities before their competitors. They see where the market is going, not where it’s been. And they see faster, cheaper ways of doing things.

 Since 2006, Chaordix (kay-or-dix) has been using the power of crowdsourcing to help leading companies across the globe advance innovation, engage with stakeholders and market their brands more effectively.

 Our innovative Crowd Intelligence platform enables you to understand, engage, and co-create with customers, employees and other stakeholders. 

 Because in this day and age, we know stakeholders matter more than ever. People want to participate. They want to belong. And they want to contribute ideas, enthusiasm and energy to the brands they care about most.

 That’s the value of Crowd Intelligence.

 Today, many of the world's most recognizable brands such as LEGO, IBM, and American Airlines use the Chaordix platform to power their online communities and genuinely connect with the people invested in their success. The result: they make more informed business decisions, innovate faster and gain a true competitive advantage.

 See what your crowd can do for you.