Rust-Oleum DIYers Share Unique Product Insights & Inspiration

Since 1921, when Rust-Oleum developed its first rust-prevention paint, the company has been looking for creative solutions to customer problems. That drive for innovation led Rust-Oleum to explore a technology platform that could help it tap into the collective wisdom of a growing customer base. Enter the Chaordix Participation Platform.

Rustoleum Creators Studio Screen Shot

The Challenge

Without a direct consumer relationship, Rust-Oleum sought a solution that would provide regular access to an engaged and interested audience. The solution would tap the minds of DIY-ers to create multi-channel marketing content, gather feedback on product messaging, identify new uses for existing products, and gain insights into the market.

Man drawing on whiteboard

Creator’s Studio has been able to provide us a fast path to consumer insights that help us make decisions quickly and without guessing.  Knowing that our decisions are heavily influenced by the voice of our consumer is one that we take pride in.

Lana Sorensen

Director Social Engagement,


The Solution

Rust-Oleum and Chaordix imagined and built The Creator’s Studio, a brand engagement and innovation platform that engages the DIY community. This is a welcoming place that brings builders, crafters, and painters together for project inspiration and to learn about Rust-Oleum products.

The site features everything from “Ask the Expert” sessions where Rust-Oleum associates answer questions about specific topics, to general chats where inspiration, advice and tips can be shared with the community.

The Result

Community members have identified new product uses, recommended packaging improvements, and created an on-going supply of user generated content. They are regularly consulted to validate labels and messaging and have impacted the design of a new display for products.

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