Orange Spain engages the citizens of Madrid to generate ideas on what the future of telecoms will look like

Orange Spain launched their inaugural “High Speed Ideas” Spanish language
crowdsourcing community engaging the citizens of Madrid and Viladecans
to generate innovative ideas about what future telecoms services will look like as
high-speed residential access continues to increase within Spain.


Orange, a leading European mobile company, chose Chaordix’® Crowd Intelligence™ software platform and managed services to power this initiative. The public engagement placed the citizens of Spain at the heart of high-speed Internet and mobile broadband service innovations.

Orange Spain sign on building

This program will now help us collaborate directly with
our users in the ideation and development of our future services. With the increasing telecom capacity coming into homes and businesses, and online collaborative communities of talented people with great insights, I’m sure the participants will offer helpful and surprising ideas.

Icíar Martinez

Customer Experience Design,

Orange Spain


Chaordix® partnered with Orange and 100%Open on the “High Speed Idea” project. The crowd was asked to collaborate by submitting all kinds of telecom service ideas, enter into community discussions, and vote on which telecommunications improvements they thought could potentially enhance their lives.


With the rapid influx of Spaniards participating, the program received over 260 ideas via the Chaordix Crowd Intelligence™ solution. The community came up with some creative and practical ideas for how high-speed fibre optic connections and mobile services could be best used to improve telecom services.

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