IBM Data Governance Council builds a global community to discuss best practices with 55 other brands

This multinational computer, technology and IT consulting corporation selected Chaordix to power the IBM Data Governance Council online community, providing Council members a means to collaborate and identify solutions on information governance best practices.

The Challenge

The Council has pioneered best practices around risk assessment and data governance to help the business world take a more disciplined approach to how companies handle data. Data governance today is at a crossroads, creating the opportunity for a marked change over the coming years as data quality evolves into a key performance indicator for businesses worldwide.


We’ve transformed from passive users of static materials to a global community of engaged participants, dynamically crafting our data governance model and practices together.

IBM Worldwide

The Solution

To capture the recommendations of Council members in a timely fashion and supplement the regular face-to-face IBM Data Governance Council conferences, the idea for developing a secure, online platform to facilitate dynamic discussion and collaboration between Council members emerged. To be effective, a process was required to encourage, collect, and manage the flow of ideas from participants. IBM chose Chaordix to build a crowdsourcing platform for the Council to help update and evolve the shared data governance model.

The Result

A persistent, interactive global community has been operational for more than a year. In-person conferences are still held for Council members, but the website has become an active tool that is also used during the meetings to communicate current governance information and focus productive discussion. To supplement unstructured community chat, monthly discussion topics, ranking surveys and analytics on emerging best practices are implemented periodically.

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