HTC Leverages the Power of Community for Market Intelligence

HTC believes in looking beyond the obvious, connecting with people, and empowering them to make a difference. HTC phone users are deeply passionate fans of the HTC brand, engaged with the specific technologies and functions of their phones, and invested in them as lifestyle accessories and expressions of self. By listening to those committed to their success, HTC has become well respected for developing innovative products.

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The Challenge

Given HTC’s passionate supporters, a crowdsourcing community was a natural fit. Having a lively and collaborative gathering space allows HTC fans to connect with the brand they love and with others who share their interest in all things HTC. The company’s goal was to create an always-on channel for getting answers to essential brand questions and to test product and service hypotheses.

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The communities have been exceptional drivers for marketing at HTC, both regionally in North America and globally. While each of HTC’s three communities cater to different audiences, they’ve helped with feedback and promotion of the HTC brand.

Aaron Baker

Sr. Manager,

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The Solution

HTC engaged Chaordix to create HTC Elevate, an invite-only community that has proven popular beyond even the company’s high expectations. Comprised of over 3,000 highly-engaged members in over 100 countries (predominantly in North America, Europe, and Asia) HTC Elevate engages members by giving them a way to share their thoughts about HTC products and features, and a vehicle to express how they use and draw value from phones in their day-to-day lives. This often takes the form of direct conversations between Elevate community members and employees of HTC. This potent mix of passion, content and participants has led to staggering numbers: over a million contributions by community members, including in-depth discussions, ideas and insights, and user-generated image and video content.

For many members, HTC Elevate has become an important social gathering spot. As the community has matured, HTC is increasingly organizing global face-to-face meetups between community members and representatives from HTC itself. It is this personal, authentic connection that keeps members devoted to the community, and on-call when HTC needs them.

Recently, HTC has launched two additional communities with promising initial results; HTC Champions for sales representatives and and Team HTC for consumers.

The Result

Via Elevate, HTC has mobilized an “always on” group of brand advocates who are willing to provide product feedback and contextual information about how they use HTC phones. They evangelize for the brand in direct conversations with their peers and family members, and, critically, on social media channels. They also increasingly generate multi-media content, offering HTC the opportunity to crowdsource marketing materials directly from its most important consumers. This is all an output of HTC’s efforts to connect with its community through open brand participation.

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