“The most potent and efficient brands in the world today are being built with people, not for them. We call them Participation Brands.”

irisWorldwide, 2017 Participation Brand Index

Where Community Meets Ingenuity

The Chaordix Solution

The Chaordix Participation platform supports enterprise marketers and product innovators in solving unique business challenges, such as developing new products and customer-driven marketing content through the power of co-creative communities. 

The solution brings the engaging activities and the ideation of co-creativity workshops into the 24/7 digital era for brands including LEGO, HTC, Rust-Oleum and KPMG communities.  

Our unique methodology is inspired by the world’s leading innovation and creativity workflows including Creative Problem Solving, Design Thinking, and Systematic Creativity – combined with proprietary Chaordix methods.


“The most successful organizations are those that co-create products and services with consumers and integrate customers into the core processes.”

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