Crowd Activation

The promise of social media – realized

You’ve got all those fans on Facebook and Twitter.
Now what do you do with them?

Get product ideas
& feedback

Create marketing

Hunt for emerging

For years, you’ve been accumulating brand fans in social channels. Twitter. Facebook. Instagram. And so on. But likes and comments don’t affect your bottom line. Our Crowd Activation solution (formerly known as Napkin Labs) enables you to quickly engage passive fans and drive real value across three programs: Product Ideation, Brand Engagement & Trend Hunting. Go beyond the like with Chaordix Crowd Activation.


Activate your crowd in under two weeks

Social media is flexible and fast. That’s why our nimble Crowd Activation solution can be launched in two weeks, either embedded in an existing website, as a standalone microsite, or within Facebook itself. It also offers global scale, handling crowds of thousands with ease. Your organization gets insights & ideas from day one with full programs running 4-6 weeks, and each including our proprietary Crowd Activation report on completion.

Brands can deploy recurring programs from the Crowd Activation solution to:

  • Create consistent engagement with their fans
  • Align with existing marketing or social media campaigns
  • Gather targeted intelligence on a product, service or campaign
  • Explore crowdsourcing applications for their organizations

Choose from 3 Crowd Activation programs

Over a decade of crowdsourcing expertise informs our three off-the-shelf programs for Product Ideation, Brand Engagement and Trend Hunting.


In this 4-week program, the crowd generates practical ideas to improve your products, services & processes. There is a core idea challenge where the crowd develops an original product or product enhancement, along with activities that draw on crowd memories, knowledge and associations with your brand, all supported by open-ended discussions & quick questions to drive engagement. 

Program focus:

  • Product/Service improvements
  • Creative hacks
  • Process improvements
  • Problem solving

In this 4-week program, we leverage the crowd’s relationship with your brand to generate fresh, grassroots fan-generated marketing & communications content. There is a core content creation challenge along with activities that generate brand stories & memories, capture feedback on campaign materials, and assess fan knowledge of your brand, all supported by open-ended discussions & quick questions to drive engagement.

Program focus:

  • Campaign creative elements
  • Social object creation
  • Campaign preferences filtering
  • Brand evangelism

In this 2-week program, we put the crowd to work spotting category, vertical or broader consumer trends, along with supporting activities to assess motivators and behaviors in these areas. This program can be delivered on its own but often serves as a precursor to either Product Ideation or Brand Engagement.

Program focus:

  • Trend hunting
  • Theme hunting
  • Needs assessment
  • Problem/Needs prioritization

A tour of our platform

Our Crowd Activation software is a powerful insights & ideas engine, easily deployed, but featuring comprehensive outputs


Our Crowd Activation product can be implemented in two weeks, on an intranet or an external website, where it can be embedded in an existing external site, on a standalone microsite, or within Facebook.


The Crowd Activation product provides a fully responsive mobile experience and connects with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Geo-mapping functionality enables you to map crowd contributions by geography as well offering the ability to drill down into individual comments and submissions.


Advanced analytics enables you to view the health, productivity and impact of your community. You can also view emerging themes and track sentiment to identify key insights.


Crowd Activation offers storytelling activities and methodologies that elicit key consumer motivators and tacit insights from fan experiences with your brand.


Brands can reward top contributors with badges and prizes. They can also connect Crowd Activation to contests they’re running on social media or in marketing campaigns.


Licence Crowd Activation software

Chaordix Crowd Activation software includes a broad toolkit of activities enabling brands to uncover rich insights, ask questions, host discussions, run missions, connect to existing social channels, and more. The software is available for licensing for brands and agencies that wish to build their own programs for crowd activation. Contact us for more details.

Ready to engage your crowd?