American Airlines

Following a successful brand development research project with FutureBrand and Chaordix®, American Airlines® launched an innovative customer market insights community. American Airlines serves more than 260 airports in more than 50 countries and territories with more than 3,500 daily flights worldwide. American is a founding member of the oneworld® alliance which together with its members serve more than 840 destinations served by some 9,000 daily flights to nearly 160 countries and territories.

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The Chaordix Crowd Intelligence™ platform and processes have enabled Procter & Gamble to tap into multilingual crowds for market intelligence on a range of consumer and lifestyle products -- as well as global public and employee innovation challenges. 

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Orange Spain High speed ideas

Orange Spain launched their inaugural “High Speed Ideas” Spanish language crowdsourcing community engaging the citizens of Madrid and Viladecans to generate innovative ideas about what future telecoms services will look like as high-speed residential access continues to increase within Spain.

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This multinational computer, technology and IT consulting corporation selected Chaordix to power the IBM Data Governance Council online community, providing Council members a means to collaborate and identify solutions on information governance best practices.

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Home of the future with E.ON

"Home of the Future" with E.ON explores how a real family might live in a brave new world of cutting-edge technology. This crowdsourcing project wanted to more deeply understand and shine a light on what our lives would be like in years to come - What would it be like to live in a futuristic house? How would your family cope with technology they’ve never seen before?

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