The Chaordix Crowd Intelligence™ process unites our unique methodology and expert services with advanced technology to harness the power of crowdsourcing for companies, organizations and governments. Depending on your needs and the project design, we can guide the process from project planning, to recruiting and moderating your crowd, to research design and implementation, to branded site design and project management, to data analytics and reports, and strategy recommendations.

Strategic approach

In crowdsourcing, one size doesn’t fit all. Taking a focus group panel online is good – but not enough. Idea tournaments can be useful – but true co-creation isn’t ideal with an anonymous crowd. Our refined mixed methods approach (qualitative and quantitative analysis) allows us to craft a unique blend of techniques and technology for each project to yield meaningful market intelligence for researchers, government leaders, brand managers, agency teams and innovation groups. The Chaordix Crowd Intelligence process manages the abundant conversation of a new crowd, monitors and manages the insightful discussions with groups forming around brands and ideas, and ultimately distills the emerging wisdom that can lead to successful collaborative innovation and co-creation.

Expert services

Are you seeking richer market insight? Breakthrough problem solving? Greater community engagement? New product or service innovation? Chaordix provides comprehensive business and technical services so you get the results you need. Our team brings an exceptional range of expertise to our clients including software programming, web design, marketing analysis and strategy, research design and implementation, data analysis, social media integration, project management, crowd recruiting, ongoing community engagement, and customer education and support. Meet some people on our team.

Business impact

You’ve got goals to meet. Whether you want to gather and analyze input from a very large community of customers or citizens, hope to collaborate and discover with a smaller group of product users, or ultimately need to find that genius brand fan who can co-create with your team on a game-changing innovation − Chaordix can help. We’ve already helped our clients tap the crowd to reposition brands, innovate on package design, develop community giving programs, gain a deeper understanding of their customer’s lifestyle, and much more. See some examples of our work.