Operating in over 30 countries and serving more than 26 million customers, E.ON is the world’s largest investor-owned energy service provider. E.ON UK wanted a fresh and creative collaboration forum where the UK public and other groups could come together to spark the design of the next generation of energy-saving products and services.


"Why on earth would an energy company want me to use less energy?" E.ON UK wanted to find and develop the next generation of products and services that will help people use less energy and engage with energy in new and exciting ways.


Chaordix collaborated with our partners at 100%Open to create and manage an intuitive digital platform and crowd engagement program for UK customers and wider specialist communities to submit ideas, discuss and vote on which ideas get reviewed by an expert panel. Ideas are then further refined. Prizes for challenge winners include opportunities to use an electric vehicle and in-home charging point, home energy audits, and gift vouchers.
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Over 700 ideas were submitted during the first collaboration period. E.ON continues to engage their community with new exciting challenges to help spark their ideas and innovative thinking. Challenge themes are also featured in Channel 4’s lifestyle TV series Home of the Future with E.ON where a Sheffield-based UK family sees their home transform into a home of the future.
We’ve learned we have the opportunity to take a leadership role in educating and helping UK families to lead more sustainable lives. ”