We help enterprises draw upon their communities to better perform. Here are the members of our team who direct the success of Chaordix.

Alice Reimer, CEO

Alice comes to Chaordix with a long history of accomplishments and decorations across the entrepreneurial technology sector. She co-founded Evoco in 1999, which provides web-based construction and program management software and, as CEO, led it through acquisition by Austin-based Accruent in 2012. Alice is the recipient of both PROFIT’s W100 designation as one of Canada’s Top Female Entrepreneurs and was selected for Alberta Venture’s 2013 list of the province’s 50 Most Influential People. Long committed to giving back to industry, Alice mentors technology entrepreneurs as a member of the A100 and serves on the Board of AcceleratorYYC. Alice is based out of the Calgary office.

Shelley Kuipers, Founder & Chief Evangelist

Shelley is an accomplished and highly successful entrepreneur. After years of pioneering work in the emerging field of crowdsourcing, she founded Chaordix in 2009, helping clients such as P&G, University of Oxford, American Airlines, and Orange Telecom to gain a new level of market intelligence through crowdsourcing.

Her first startup experience was with Merak Projects, who provided valuation and management software for the petroleum industry and was acquired by the world’s largest energy services and technology firm, Schlumberger, in 1999. In 2000, she co-founded Stormworks – a software development and digital marketing firm, which was acquired by Solium Capital, a publicly-traded financial services company ranked among the Deloitte Technology Fast 50, and recognized as the world’s largest independent provider of stock plan administration software and services. She also co-founded Adventure Capital, an early stage venture capital firm, and Material Insight, a consultancy of growth agents that help to grow tech startups.

Shelley travels extensively to grow and serve the global Chaordix clientele, dividing her time between Calgary, Canada and London, UK.

Sharilyn Weisbeck, CFO

Sharilyn has more than 15 years of financial, accounting, treasury and corporate governance experience.  She has held leadership financial positions for the past 10 years in rapidly growing public and private technology and biotech start-ups in addition to providing consulting services to a variety of clients.  Sharilyn completed her Chartered Accountant Designation in 2001 (Vic Dzurko Honour Roll – top 10 students in Alberta) and holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree (Great Distinction) and a Bachelor of Arts degree (Great Distinction) from the University of Saskatchewan.  Sharilyn is based out of the Calgary office.

Sharon McIntyre, CSS

Sharon is a highly experienced marketing professional and doctoral social science researcher. Specializing professionally in high-tech industry marketing and branding strategy, she also researches, writes, teaches and speaks about the intersection between location, innovation and technology. Sharon has shared her passion for marketing and creativity with global corporations, start-up enterprises, public sector organizations, and students for 20+ years. She has held senior marketing positions and consulted in a variety of domains including crowdsourcing, business software, oil & gas technologies, housing, telecommunications, publishing, and the arts. In her role as Assistant Professor (Marketing) in the Bissett School of Business at Mount Royal University, she drove a complete curriculum reform to build an innovative undergraduate marketing program with her colleagues. Sharon has lived and worked internationally, communicates in English and French, and holds dual Canadian and Irish (EU) citizenship.

Terry Sydoryk, COO

Terry has more than 20 years of senior management experience in the technology industry with 15 years focused on company creation. He has a distinguished history of leading company operations through high growth and acquisition processes, including co-founding AudeSi Technologies Inc, which was acquired by WindRiver Systems in 2000. He was also COO at both Toronto-based Plazmic, Inc, which was acquired by RIM in 2002 and Calgary-based Evoco, which was acquired by Accruent in 2012. Terry has a lifelong connection to hockey, both as a player in the WHL and now as a coach. But when there’s no ice time to be had, he can be found riding his Harley Davidson down a ribbon of back road Canadian highway or sailing the west coast. Terry is a founding member of the entrepreneurial technology cooperative A100 and sits on the Board of Kids Up Front, which facilitates experiences for children and teens living below the poverty line. Terry is based out of the Calgary office.

Rob Dawson, VP Marketing

Rob is an accomplished executive with over 20 years experience in business leadership, strategic marketing, consulting, innovation and brand communications. Rob’s speciality is customer-centric marketing – understanding consumer insights and developing compelling strategies from them. Previously, as partner and co-founder of Concerto Marketing Group, Rob applied his innovative insights and strategic intelligence to effectively position and innovate client brands. His experience crosses several categories including: technology, financial services, consumer goods, food, retail, hospitality and environmental sustainability. Rob has developed relationships with world-class clientele and challenger brands such as: Intel, Dell, LG Electronics, Microsoft, Expedia CruiseShipCenters, BusinessObjects (now SAP), First West Credit Union and others. He has been the President of AIM, the Association of Integrated Marketers since 2011 and a member of the Digital Strategy Conference Advisory Board since its inception in 2012. In 2006 Rob was recognized as one of BC’s “Top 40 Under 40″.

Mike Barnlund, VP Product Innovation

Mike brings over a decade of multidisciplinary software development and web application design experience to his role at Chaordix. Mike works closely with the Chaordix leadership team and a strategic international clientele to take the pulse of the evolving marketplace’s needs for crowdsourced market intelligence, with a goal to lead and inspire the industry’s most engaging user experiences and innovative software applications. His earlier startup experience lends itself well to Chaordix’s rapid pace of invention and fast growth. Before joining Chaordix, Mike developed his skills in a variety of software development, web design, and user experience-focused roles. He’s been a key contributor to a wide array of projects including distributed project management software, seismic data warehousing applications, online payment processing, real-time text translation, and mobile web applications.  Mike is based in the Calgary office.


Crowdsourcing 101

What is crowdsourcing? Jeff Howe coined the phrase in a June 2006 Wired magazine article“… the process by which the power of the many can be leveraged to accomplish feats that were once the province of a specialized few.”


Howe later refined his definition on his blog, while he was researching his seminal 2008 book, Crowdsourcing, with the following:

The White Paper Version: “Crowdsourcing is the act of taking a job traditionally performed by a designated agent (usually an employee) and outsourcing it to an undefined, generally large group of people in the form of an open call.” (Howe, 2008)

The Sound bite Version: “The application of Open Source principles to fields outside of software.” (Howe, 2008)

Jeff Howe’s Video Version: which also features Calgary’s iStockphoto, another local pioneering company in crowdsourcing.

How Long Has Crowdsourcing Been Available?

The practice of tapping a crowd has long been used by business. For example, in 1916, Planters Peanuts held an open contest to develop its logo. What’s new about crowdsourcing today is how it uses web 2.0 technology to rapidly and affordably reach a global crowd, engage their interest, manage and filter their ideas and feedback, and help choose the optimal scenarios to act upon.

The most advanced crowdsourcing technology uses sophisticated algorithms based on deep knowledge of human behavior, and equips companies, organizations and governments with the ability to distill crowd input down to not just “what’s most popular” but what are really the most economically-viable and probable ideas to succeed. It’s not unusual for the contribution of a crowd to be worth millions to a company.

Chaordix: A Pioneer in the Crowd

The founding company of Chaordix opened its doors and began to innovate with crowdsourcing back in 2006 to identify highest-opportunity technology ventures for investment and development. By the time the company was ready to launch Chaordix’s commercial managed services platform for crowdsourcing in early 2009, Cambrian House had garnered 50,000+ community members, over 7,000+ ideas, and had been profiled by magazines, newspapers, television, radio, podcasts, blogs, conferences, universities and books as a crowdsourcing pioneer.

Out of that experience, came the Chaordix platform and the knowledge to direct enterprises on effectively finding and leveraging Crowd Intelligence™.


Back in 2006, Sharon McIntyre (Sharon is currently Chief Social Scientist at Chaordix) was discussing this emerging phenomenon with Jeff Howe. As a result, she sought out and interviewed two early success stories in crowdsourcing, a photographer and an illustrator who were both contributing to the growing iStockphoto community.

Read those original interviews done by Sharon (her online handle is @ShazzMack) here on Jeff’s Crowdsourcing blog:

La vedette du stock – Lise Gagné

Crowdsourcing’s Graphics Wizard of Oz – Russell Tate

And visit our blog for more Crowdsourcing resources.

Our crew

"Openness is at the core of what we do at Chaordix. It’s our mission to practice democratic collaboration within our team, our clients, and the crowds that we power for market research, brand loyalty and innovation" - Shelley Kuipers, Founder, Chaordix