A highly decorated entrepreneur, Alice co-founded, built and sold Calgary's Evoco before taking the reigns at Chaordix.

Alice Reimer


With a background in high-growth company creation, Terry has exhaustive experience leading technology firms as they expand.

Terry Sydoryk


Sharilyn has over a decade of financial leadership experience in rapidly growing public and private technology companies.

Sharilyn Weisbeck


Sharon is a visionary marketing, branding and crowdsourcing expert and doctoral social science researcher.

Sharon McIntyre


Favourite Brand: MEC (Mountain Equipment Co-op). Started by an inspired group of users to fill a need, with ideals that can inspire people & businesses: “make things happen, deal fairly, find strength in community, and inspire adventure”.

Maureen Weeks

Director of Finance & Admin

Favourite Brand: Masakage. A brand focused on beautifully balancing design with form and function. Committed to quality and responding to the changing needs of chefs with innovative designs. What's not to love!

Monique Blough

Managing Director – Client Engagement

Favourite Brand: Boston Celtics. Sure, it's rooting for laundry but the Celtics are laundry with a deep emotional history, one that binds families and strangers all over the globe. What brand wouldn't aspire to being so multinational and cross-generational?

Ryan DeGama

Marketing Advisor

Favourite Brand: Dad's Cookies. They are manufactured using 100% green energy in partnership with Bullfrog Power. Plus, they are clearly labeled ``Dad's`` so I can control the cookies.

Scott Sturgeon

Director of Development

Favourite Brand: Debian. Founded on fully open principles without corporate backing. “The Debian” project has a social contract guaranteeing that it will always remain free and for the people.

Todd Courtnage

Director of Cloud Computing

Favourite Brand: Steam. They have been a driving force in the digital distribution of games and in providing smaller game studios or independent developers a market for their software.

Peter Smith

Software Developer

Favourite Brand: Dyson. This company made vacuums and house fans cool, desirable products. Their creativity, brilliant engineering, and radical, market-building designs inspire me to think outside of the box.

Hanif Mohamed

Director of Product Management

Favourite Brand: Method. Naturally derived cleaning products that smell great. They go all-in and have designed the company, the product and even the packaging around their core beliefs.

Marianne Murray

Team Lead, Quality Assurance

Favourite Brand: Google. They're not scared of putting new ideas to work. They rely on 'us' (their consumers) to figure out what the best ways of providing useful tools are.

Aurora Espinosa

Lead Data Analyst & Research Program Designer

Favourite Brand: Starbucks. The coffee is consistent and reliable, and the people that work there are pretty fantastic too. Company core values include embracing a diverse workplace and promoting and supporting volunteer work.

Michelle Desnoyers

Human Resources and Accounting Administrator

Favourite Brand: Etsy. Recognized as the go-to place for the unique and handmade. Its achievement also comes from promoting the success of other brands and by creating a community that focuses on creativity.

Hannah Sanford

Product Owner

Favourite Brand: Victorinox. A family business with nearly 130 years of history and a compassionate company culture, proving that it is possible to achieve global impact without compromising on values.

Alena Saucke

Community Moderator

Favourite Brand: Alberta Boot Co. This Calgarian brand captures the heart of Western culture. The handmade boots are unmatched in quality and comfort—perfect for two-steppin’!

Grace Clancy

Community Operations Manager

Favourite Brand: Bowling. Okay, it's not a brand per se. But I love it.

Cheryl Grabowecky

Community Communications Coordinator

Favourite Brand: Porsche. For engineering a line-up of high performance sports cars that are equally capable on the track and city roads.

Steve Denning

Marketing Research Program Lead

Favourite Brand: Holt Renfrew. The Canadian luxury goods destination since 1837. There is no mistaking the 'HR' logo and deep fuchsia shopping bags. The stores are full of unique, high-end shopping experiences.

Michelle Nanjad

Project Director

Favourite Brand: Kindle. Being a bookworm, it has to be the e-book reader. Great for travelling: a portable personal library, a choice of titles to match different moods even when on the go and no extra luggage!

Joao Simoes-Brown

Community Moderator

Favourite Brand: Wizards of the Coast. They consistently put out great games, and are constantly revising and reinventing their products. Things never get old and are always of high quality.

Caleb Bethune

Quality Assurance Analyst

Favourite Brand: GRAF Canada. A Calgary-based company in a highly competitive market; GRAF Canada makes hockey skates and and sticks that focus on fit & performance while still being affordable.

Darcy Lien

Software Developer

Favourite Brand: Honda. They make vehicles that look good, are fun to drive, and are also efficient and durable.

Daniel Shorten

Software Developer

Favourite Brand: BBC. The BBC represents the pinnacle of responsible journalism, integrity, and quality broadcasting. It also produces some of the best comedy ever made.

Chris Cross

Software Developer

Favourite Brand: Garmin. Garmin is simple and it works. Its logo and branding aren't ostentatious - they're functional, just like Garmin's products.

Josh Ulmer

Software Developer

Favourite Brand: Privateer Press. They listen to their community and support competitive play. They have high quality products and make good use of emerging technology.

Rob Statham

UI Developer

Favourite Brand: Mabel's Labels. A Canadian company that makes durable labels that don't fall off in the laundry or dishwasher and look good at the same time. I love that this product does what the company says it does.

Heather Segovia

Client Engagment Operations Manager

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Our Board

Ken is the Senior Vice President, Long Range Planning and an Officer of Coril Holdings Ltd., a privately held company headquartered in Calgary, Canada.

Ken Wilson


Brad has over 20 years of operating, business development, private equity and venture capital experience in the Information Technology and Energy sectors.

Brad Johns


Carol is the CEO of Axonify, a web based interval reinforcement platform for corporate enterprise.

Carol Leaman


James is a partner that has worked extensively in the Ottawa, Toronto, and Waterloo technology communities since 1998.

James Smith

Corporate Secretary

Eric has over 10 years of experience in private equity, investment banking and consulting.

Erik Bukovinsky

Board Observer

Brenda has over 16 years of experience providing subordinated debt, mezzanine, equity and debt financing.

Brenda Slauko

Board Observer