We’re looking for people who can fulfill our brand promise and safeguard our culture as we grow. Our environment is entrepreneurial, both intensely challenging and highly rewarding. And because so much of what we do is disruptive, we put a premium on collaboration. If you’re ready to step out of your comfort zone and into a business that’s rewriting the rules of innovation, we want to hear from you.


Marketing and Sales

Our art + commerce mix of marketing strategists, writers and designers work with our executive-level sales group to express and disseminate the Chaordix brand all around the world.

When Chaordix was founded, we knew we were creating something new — a business that would be a disruptive force in technology and innovation and one that had, at its core, a restless creative element. Our ambition alone dictated a need to find diverse talent, people capable of operating outside of traditional silos, who saw the world from unusual angles and instinctively challenged the status quo. And then if we wanted to achieve our vision, we had to honor that talent by giving it a real voice in how our business was built and run.”


— Shelley Kuipers, Founder

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