Crowdsourcing in the Cloud


Back in the olden days of Cambrian House, before “the cloud”, we, as with most startups, used hosting providers to host our sites.  This was typically costly, often requiring a long-term contract, and often took days to get a server provisioned.

Being a startup, money was always a concern, and having to sign long-term contracts was certainly not ideal for a startup that might not even make to a year.

Furthermore, what if your application takes off, and you need new hardware now!  (Yes, it happens.)

For us (and I’m sure thousands of other companies), the cloud was a godsend.  We primarily use Amazon EC2 and Rackspace CloudServers to host our Chaordix platform for our clients.  We host our demo sites in the cloud, allowing us to boot them up when we need to demo our technologies to prosective clients.  There’s no point in paying for running servers when they’re not doing anything.

We have developed our Chaordix platform to be quickly scalable, if needed.  With the cloud, we can spin up multiple new servers in a matter of minutes, reconfigure the platform to recognize a new database backend, for example, with all the other servers running apache behind Amazons load balancer.  Spiffy stuff!

photo by: kevindooley

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