Team Insights

Engage your employees and transform your organization with a collaborative internal community.

Brand Innovation

Find your brand loyalists and activate them in service to innovating or redefining your brand.

Product Innovation

Go far beyond idea contests into disruptive innovation and prosumer co-creation.

Business to Business

Partner with industry stakeholders to exchange knowledge and ideas, and develop collaborative strategies.

What We Do

Drive innovation across your organization with one of our four unique crowdsourcing solutions.

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Our Platform

Our Crowd Intelligence™ platform can handle everything from small crowds to global communities of over a million participants.

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Careers at Chaordix

HR Director Jodi Bagyinka is one of the longest serving members of the Chaordix family. A veteran of Chaordix predecessor Cambrian House, Jodi has seen the company evolve from the most experimental of crowdsourcing laboratories to the rapidly-expanding global organization it is today. She’s done all this with enormous energy and her sense of humor intact, both of which she also deploys as a writer of stand-up comedy for comedians all across North America. Want to hear one of Jodi’s one-liners? Come join our team.

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